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   Features of Chassis :

>>It is high working stability equipped with expert chassis Which is under advanced design.
>>It is controlled to extend when working and retract the crawlers by fully hydraulic with The proper center of Gravity design to make the drilling rig with high stability.  

 Drill Mast:

>>Auto lift and fall of the drill mast, convertible and Three section of box-type of drill mast reduce the length and height;
>>Parallelogram articulated and triangle cylinder positioning supporting arm structure actualizes the high stability and rigidity and easy lifting and falling;
>>Install gooseneck boom-cylinder on gooseneck boom and telescopic supporting leg in bottom of the drill Mast to increase the working efficiency.

 Features of upper frame:

>>Unique body lever, use bracket for upper frame, adopting the leveling cylinder is better than mast leveling, and makes the operator more comfortable.

 Features of engine:

>>Volvo boost、mid-cool、electrical control for engine,strong momentum,it can work at the place with 4,500m above sea level with normal condition, Euro 3 emission standards.

 Features of rotary drive:

>>Double-motor, double-reducer in the rotary drive, powerful output torque, high ability of stressing. It is with good adaptivity, the speed and output torque can auto-change with different geological conditions;
>>It is installed hydraulic circle systems for separated lubrication、cooling and speed changing system to ensure the reliability and high effciency of power head.

 Features for operating cabin:

>>The operating cabin to supplying the comfortable working place for operator is with all-weather design,adopt sound-proof material,elastic shock absorber,imported adjustable seat, environmental air conditioner.
>>The layout for all the apparatuses and operating rods are clear, easy operating. Colorful LED display, monitor the positioning of pile, the balancing of the drill mast and the functions of the engine and hydraulic system.

 Features for hydraulic system:

>>Main hydraulic pump system, hydraulic pilot-operated, constant power control.
>>Hydraulic auxiliary pump system: load-sensitivity, hydraulic pilot-operated, proportion control, fast responding, low energy consumption; adopt unique load-flow control valve.
>>Unique lubricated circuit for rotary drive: solve the problem of mixing oil between lubricant oil and hydraulic oil.
>>Balancing valve: the balancing valve for amplitude cylinder and drill mast cylinder with non-pressure design make the speed lifting and falling more stable for drill mast and amplitude mechanism to prevent the big shock.

 Features for control system:

>>It can be real time monitored by integrated electronic control system when working, and featured with 16 warning functions.
>>Verticality automatic leveling system of drill mast can monitor the lifting and falling and control the verticality of drill mast.
>>Dynamic and digital display of all execution components on intelligent diagnosis system.
>>Rigorous logical interlocking control to prevent wrong operation by operator.
>>Accurate measurement for drilling depth: the mistake can be controlled less than 10mm, 1mm for drilling depth by unique depth measurement device.

 Features for operating system:

>>Display operation: set up every limit unlock、level the perpendicularity of drill mast、the reset of state parameter of working for engine,set up the logical relationship of drilling rig.
>>rod operation:
A.main work:CW/CCW for rotary drive; rotation of upper frame; operated by a press or draw hydraulic cylinder;drilling tools lift and fall.
B.auxiliary work:lift and fall of luffing mechanism; rotation of upper frame、auxiliary winch lift and fall.
C.operating rod for working mechanism:forward、backward and turn around of the main machine.
D.operating for drill mast:operating the rod to make the drill mast lifted and fell.

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