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XCMG XE215C Crawler Excavator
 Xuzhou, China

Strong configuration, remarkable performance, strong power, high efficiency
- The imported Isuzu engine with original packing has strong power, and can meet the requirements of high-efficient work.
- Precise matching design with advanced energy conservation control can reduce the oil consumption of the machine.
- Low emission meets the Europe II standard.
- The adoption of new cooling fan and large-scale silencer lowers the noise of the machine.
- The adoption of the advanced turbocharging technique increases the highland adaptability of the machine.
- Automatic preheating system improves the working capacity in the low temperature.
- Unique fan cover with the shape of hopper opening greatly improves the air supply of the engine and the radiating capacity of the system, guaranteeing the successive high-efficient work of the machine.
- Restart prevention system effectively avoids the misoperation, and improve s the use security of the machine.
Advanced hydraulic system
- High-end configuration: The parts such as hydraulic pump, main valve, slewing motor, travel motor, cylinder, pilot control valve, etc. adopt international famous brands (KPM+KYB), guaranteeing the product quality.
- Integrate the latest research achievements, reducing the energy consumption, improving the design, and responding faster.
- Lock function of boom and arm: Prevent the boom and arm from falling, and prolong the time in neutral position.
- Oil return regeneration of arm: It can make the arm withdraw quickly and stably.
- Strong and precise slewing control: Improve the vibration absorption to ensure the slewing stop action more precise and stable. Supply stronger slewing capacity to the machine through improving the torque reserve.
- Cylinder with buffer function: The boom cylinder and arm cylinder are designed with buffer, which can reduce the vibration and impact to the machine, reduce the noise and prolong the service life of the cylinder.
- Dual-pump converging technology: Increase the flow that supplied to the boom cylinder, arm cylinder, and bucket cylinder by the main valve, and improve the working speed.
- Travel pilot valve with hydraulic vibration damper: The machine starts and stops traveling more stably.
Good sturdiness and durability, high reliability, strengthening intensity of chassis and frame
- The design of improving the shape of track frame cross section reduces the soil accumulation, and improves the wear resistance of the sprockets and the durability of the machine.
- Increase the size of the box structure of the X-type frame, and improve the performance of the section, which can make the machine adapt to the heavy load work requirements better.
Standard configuration with reinforced boom and arm
- The boom adopts the box structure with big section and high rigidity, which can reduce the welding parts with weak intensity through optimization to meet the construction requirements of heavy load work.
- The main articulated parts adopt forging structure to improve the intensity while preventing stress concentration.
- The design of strengthening the boom root can relax the stress and improve the durability through increasing the shaft sleeve and the thickness of the plate.
- The main articulated parts of the arm adopt forging structure, which can relax the stress and improve the durability through changing the shape and the thickness of the plate.
Increasing wear resistance of bucket
- The bucket and the cutting plate adopt special wear resistant steel plate, which suits for the heavy load work requirements. Attach with wear resistant bucket teeth and lateral teeth to improve the machine performance.
- Use thickening steel plates and increase the lateral reinforced plates to improve the wear resistance.
- When carrying out the leveling work, the flat bucket can make the surface orderly and flat.
Strengthening upper slewing platform
- The optimally designed platform greatly improves the rigidity, intensity, and balance through the rational layout, which can make sure the machine more stable when working.
- The boundary beam of the platform is designed to be D-type structure, which can resist fierce external impact.
Heavy counterweight
- Compared with the same class machine type, the quality of the counterweight improves obviously, the stability of the machine is better.
- The hinge pin joints of the boom and arm adopts high wear resistant and intense steel bush, which is durable.
Operating environment
Comfortable and safe cab with wide view
- The columns adopt reinforced steel, which can improve the whole rigidity, and reduce the vibration and noise.
- Broaden the view scope. Enlarge the front window, lateral windows, and rear window to ensure wide view, reduce the dead zone greatly, and make operations safer and more efficiency.
- Enlarge the skylight glass to improve the upward visibility and increase ventilation.
- Adopt more human-centered design, such as the windows and door with toughened glass, the seat belt with good elasticity, and the visor used for preventing sunshine.
- All the controls are designed and positioned according to the human engineering.
Easy control of operating handles
- Luxurious suspension seat with high backrest can be adjusted multi-directionally, and be moved alone or with the control boxes on both sides, which can make the drivers operate comfortably.
- Taking the six-point silicon oil rubber absorber as support can greatly reduce the vibration and noise, relieve the drivers’ fatigue, and improve the work efficiency.
- Imported high-capacity air conditioning can make sure the cab warms or cools quickly.
Intelligent operation and display
- The new ESS microcomputer power control system developed with an international famous company take full advantage of the engine power, which can make the machine keep the best efficiency and economy in different working conditions.
- There are three operating modes ― H (heavy load mode), S (standard mode), and L (light load mode) in the system, which can be switched according to the different working conditions.
- Automatic idling function: when starting the automatic idling function, if there is no operation in 5sec, the engine will automatically enter into idling to save the fuel and reduce the noise.
- The multi-functional liquid crystal monitor with large screen and digital display can fully monitor the working condition of the engine (revs, water temperature, oil pressure, etc.), and consult all the running information of the machine at any time.
- The functional switches are assembled on the control panel, and can be selected easily through the contact buttons.
- Adopt GPS, which can automatically prompt the long-distance diagnosis, early warning for troubles, and maintenance.
Convenient and fast maintenance
- The oil filter, pilot oil filter, fuel filter, and oil-water separator are set in the positions which can be checked and replaced on the ground.
- The protective screening set outside the radiator can prevent drawing sundries, and is easy to dismantle and clean.
- High-capacity fuel tank can ensure long-time operations.
- Large tool box is benefit for the storage of the objects.
- Longer maintenance period: Selecting high-quality parts to prolong the service life and reduce the maintenance time of the machine.


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