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 Xuzhou, Jiangsu

XZ Series Horizontal Directional Drills are mainly used in the trenchless piping construction and replacement of the underground pipe. The XZ Series Horizontal Directional Drills have the advantages of advanced performance, high efficiency and comfortable operation. Many key components adopt international famous products to guarantee the quality. They are the ideal machines for the construction of the water piping, gas piping, electricity, telecommunication, heating system, crude oil industry.

⊙This drill is self-propelled and walks by wire control, so it is convenient for the transfer of working site.

⊙It is adopted turbine engine which can increase torque. The re-serve power is enough and insures there is enough power for drill and exigency.

⊙This drill is adopted the advanced control technique include load sense control and electo-hydraulic proportional control, the import hydraulic parts and the independent heat dissipation sys-tem. The working efficiency is high and the energy saving is reliable.

⊙The equipments of power unit revolve and the pinion and rack are all installed on the drill. The working efficiency of continuously transmission with two shift gears is high.

⊙The 3.2t assistant crane equipped. The load and unload of the drilling rod is efficient and save labour.

⊙The all-weather double cab is adopted. The colour monitor is equipped on the drill, and the operation is comfortable.

⊙The parameter monitor alarms of the interlock for up and down, the automatic high pressure protection, engine, and hydraulic etc. which can protect the machine, are also equipped in it.

⊙It has the manual operation system for the especial condition to protect the construction.

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