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 Luoyang, Henan

YZ7G vibratory roller make use of the latest technique inside or outside the ration, is based on the my ration to make the latest level roller. The machine is weight of seven ton, the front wheel is vibrated and the behind wheel is smooth-wheel which drive the whole roller, and the roller is articulated steering and auto-watering on the front and back wheel. The roller is equipment used for asphalt road surface, basic layer, hypo-layer and roaded filled.
The roller is mostly worked in with the spreaded asphalt machine. Because of the very width vibrated wheel<1.7m> and the fine pressing speed which bring the great working ability. It is mostly worked with the largest spreaded asphalt. At the same time, the toller greatly repairs the road-surface because it has the highest turn table speed<15km/h>.
The roller is applied to builded-road, parking area and industry area, it is especially suited for express shoulder, side walk and the limited area.
The roller optimal function and controlling and maintaining capability are the optimal choice.
Mechanical travel drive,hydraulic vibration and articufated steering and the whole roller with optimal function/worth ratio and reliable performance.
Hand brake and foot pedal brake,assure the machine's safety and dependability.
Adopt the high grade engine of 495 shift gears behind the roller.completely opening cover offer the optimal the space of maintaining.
Auto-watering on the front and back wheel spacious and comfortable cab.

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