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Double Drum Roller
 Changsha, Hunan

YZC12B Vibratory Road Roller is double drum vibratory road roller, suitable for asphalt concrete, compounds of sands and stores, and hard-dry concrete, is ideal equipment for high level road, civil road, airport, park and industry construction site.

YZC12B Vibratory Road Roller adopts all hydraulic transmission and electrical and hydraulic control, two wheels driving, stepless frequency, double vibration, crab-walking mechanism, major components and systems all supported by global suppliers, better reliability, better performance, and easier operation.

Major Technical Features
Accumulation of dozens years research and design experience of Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute of Construction Ministry
Best vibratory parameter matching, outstanding performance and efficient.
Vibratory drum adopts Zoomlion exclusive low-speed sealing
All hydraulic, two wheels driving, crab-walking mechanism
Double drum vibratory, stepless frequency, auto water spray
Deutz engine from Germany, Rexroth and Sauer hydraulic pump and motor from Germany, international top brand, reliable FAG vibratory axle.
In the cab, two driver chair, two steering wheel, convenient operation.

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