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Single Drum Roller
 Changsha, Hunan

Major Technical Features:
Accumulation of dozens years research and design experience of Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute of Construction Ministry
Powerful vibration, powerful swing, best vibratory parameter matching, outstanding performance and efficient.
All hydraulic, two wheels driving, two shifts stepless gear shifting, two frequency, two swing.
Traveling break, stop break, urgent break ensures safety.
Deutz engine from Germany, Rexroth or Sauer hydraulic pump and motor, FAG vibratory axle, Dana driving axle from USA, all from international well-known companies.
All close air condition cab, electrical control gear shifting, convenient and comfortable operation.
Exclusive streamline design, broad back view sight, easy for maintenance.

Product Sales Point
All hydraulic, all wheel driving, double frequency, double swing, Deutz water cooling engine, powerful vibratory, powerful swing, outstanding performance. Engine, hydraulic pump, motor, decelerator, driving axle and vibratory axle, all are imported superior components. Multicenter and multipoint lubrication technology ensures sufficient and good lubrication to the vibratory wheel, prolonged the usage life of the axle. Low speed sealing prolonged the usage life of sealing loop and the vibratory. Enhanced four axle supporting structure, good hardness, adopting Germany FAG heavy axle, longed academic life (almost twice as before), perfectly presents usage life principle design. Imported rubber decelerator prolonged the usage life a lot, make the operation more comfortable.

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