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Crawler Excavator
 Shannxi, China

A、Introduction of Performance Characteristics
The spacious operation range of the extra long boom excavator embodies far-reaching construction purpose and it is mainly used for dredging of river channels and lakes, demolition of buildings and earth excavation.
(a) Supreme Power, High Reliability and Low Fuel Consumption
Original packaging Comings engine which is equipped with electric throttle device can adjust fuel consumption according to the engine power, realize automatic idle speed and acceleration and decrease fuel consumption. The environmental protection performance is improved and accords with environmental emission standard of European II.
Large capacity fuel prefilter and oil-water separator improves fuel quality, decreases the early wearing of fuel injection nozzle and extends the service life of engine cylinder.
The air filter uses macro-scale structure and is equipped with air prefilter to realize three-stage filtering which ensures clean air admission and decreases the early wearing of cylinder components. It particularly satisfies for harsh working environment of heavy dust and wind.
The muffler uses large capacity airflow section technology, which significantly improves the effect of muting and reduces noise effectively.
(b) Advanced and reliable hydraulic control system
New complete electric control selective system
According to different working loads, design different power selection methods, perform optimum performance in the precondition of reducing fuel consumption and make the engine and the main pump power reach the best state.
Control system of main pump capacity
The main pump capacity can adjust automatically and realize capacity proportional control of the executing system and reduce power loss of the main pump capacity.
Mode selection system
Power mode
H mode: heavy operation excavation, rock or other rigid operation objects.
S mode: common operation excavation
L mode: fine, leveling or cleaning operation
boom and bucket pole maintaining system
Install boom and bucket pole maintaining valve to prevent them from settling, to lengthen the time when it is in the middle and thus improve its safety and reliability.
Adjustment of the Rotational speed of Engine
The rotational speed of engine can be adjusted to achieve the highest working efficiency
Natural Overheating Protection of Engine
If the temperature of engine coolant is higher than specified, the pump output and the rotational speed of engine will be reduced automatically to avoid damage of the machine.
Automatic Idle Speed System
Automatic deceleration device: When the control stick is in the middle, the automatic deceleration device can adjust the rotational speed of engine to the optimum value; while operating the control stick, the rotational speed of engine can resume to the original speed automatically.
Electronic Fault Diagnosis Monitoring System
The electromechanical integrated intelligent monitor has been adopted to carry out real-time monitoring on rotational speed, motor oil pressure, engine water temperature, fuel consumption, and the voltage of the battery cell, etc of engine. The driver can learn more of the machine’s conditions than before, and can effectively prevent the development of fault.

B. Standard Equipments
1. Original packaging Japanese main pump: negative power + cross power control system, flow rate of 2×220L/min. Energy-saving, with standby function and quick response.

2. Original packaging Japanese main valve: rotary priority valve, boom collecting valve, bucket pole collecting valve, bucket pole locking valve, straight walking valve, oil return recovery valve, breaking hammer service valve, external connected bucket collecting pipeline are assembled in the valve, which has complete functions.
3. Original packaging Japanese swing motor+ deceleration machine: With hydraulic time delay break, swing prevention valve, buffer starting valve. The impact and swing can be reduced, thus the positioning operation can be more accurate, and the life of components prolonged.
4. Japanese walking motor+ deceleration machine: With hydraulic time delay break, buffer starting valve, double walking speed automatic/manual switching, it is guaranteed that the moment and rotational speed can adjust to the ground working environment.
5. The operators can control the operations accurately. It is flexible, portable and reliable.
6. Slewing bearing: Equipped with large diameter slewing bearing, which can stand the impact, with high loading capacity, full-sealing, self-lubricating, waterproof, dustproof and pollution prevention.
7. Driving cab: Comfortable, spacious and safe. Well rounded and high strength driving cab with profiled bar framework, extremely low vibration and noise, and greatest operation comfort.
The effective space of the driving cab has been greatly increased and the sight has been broadened. The interior decoration is simple but beautiful. The silicone oil damping vibration absorber, which has an effective absorbing ability, has been used to further reduce the noise and thus make the driving more comfortable.
8. Air conditioner and sound: high power cooling and heating air conditioner and stereophony sound.
9. Electronic monitoring system: With electronic detecting and sound and light alarming.
C. The completely reinforced components ensure the best excavation ability
1. Crawler frame: The advanced X type crawler frame has reduced the deformation and distortion of the left-right beam, which can distribute the stress arising from loading and working load evenly along the whole length of the beam. The left-right longeron has adopted high quality steel plate which is pressed into a U longeron at onetime, and thus reduced the internal stress in welding and increased its service life.
2. Slewing platform: The general structure has adopted different beam structures, with the optimized methods to increase the general performance. Based on the design concept of uniform strength, the main beam has adopted the varying cross section “工”structure.
3. Working device: The long boom and long bucket pole have adopted BS550MC high strength steel plate, and optimized and reinforced design, which has greatly increased its strength and reliability.

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