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The ZL50CX loader adopts the STER construction machinery-specific diesel engine made by Weifang Diesel Engine Factory, which has strong horsepower, improved energy efficiency and specific low fuel consumption. The loader adopts the single-stage 4-element hydraulic torque converter and the planetary-type hydraulic gearshift transmission box, which can automatically adjust the output torque. The high-speed light-load operating mode can automatically be shifted to the low-speed heavy-load operating mode. The loader adopts the full hydraulic flow-enlarged steering system, which is flexible and easy to operate, small in its turning radius and stable in its performance. The dual-pump flow-converging system is desirable in its power performance, outstanding in its high efficiency and improved energy efficiency, and high efficiency in its operations. The loader adopts the box-shaped frame and the welded rocker arms are strong in strength and good in rigidity. The loader adopts high-quality driving axles specifically used in construction machinery, whose driving forces are powerful and highly reliable. The four-wheel double-tube caliper-disc type brakes make the loader safe and reliable. The integrated operating console is streamline in design, highlighting the humanistic philosophy. The vehicle has a new-type steel-structured driver’s cab, which provides a broad field of view and is good at its sealing and comfortable to drive. Besides, the covering parts are pleasing to the eye and ingenious, which are made out of high-quality materials with delicate workmanship.

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