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Rotary Drilling Rig
 Changsha, Hunan

1. Wide job scope:be equipped with different drilling tools, it can drill in clay-pan, sand bed, frozen layer, Cobble Layer and medium weathering terrane . Depth of pore forming is 50m and drilling diameter is 1500mm.
2、High job efficiency:large drilling torque; high drilling-in speed; high lifting speed; great drilling stress; long stress stroke; reasonable parameter configuration.
3. Strong Power :supercharged, medium-cooled, Electronic Control Diesel Engine with power of 199kW,can meet different requirements. Euro III effluent standard; famous brand products with excellent performance and convenient maintenance.
4. Specific Scalable Caterpillar Base Plate :hiding hydraulic Scalable Caterpillar structure and reasonable center of gravity design makes a perfect under stress state. The rear-mounted Master Winch can improve the stress state of the whole machine as well as every part.
5. Advanced hydraulic pressure system:Adopting products of Kawasaki’s and Harway’s as main parts. fore-proportional controlling assure quick and accuracy work with high job efficiency. Independent cooling system make hydraulic pressure system smoothly working even in 40℃ ambient temperature.
6、Advanced electrical control system:Adopting CAN-bus- based engineering mechanical specific controller coordinated control engine, oil pump, main valve and controlling handle. It assures excellent operating performance as well as environmental protection energy saving in working.
7、Monitoring parameter such as working status of engine and mast, drill depth of drilling tools;pre-warning potential failure so as to assure best working status.
8、Comfortable operating system:man-machine engineering based operating platform with reasonable parts arrangement can farthest prevent from mis-operating. High Definition full color LCD screen provide advanced man-machine conversation interface.
9. Convenient transportation:auto up and down; two-section mast assure short time of folding and unfolding of the machine.
10、Convenient repair and maintenance: Taking repair and maintenance into consideration, hydraulic pipes are arranged in order and regular.
11、Hoisting structure :Single-layer hoist can farthest enlarge the service life of wire rope.

Reliable quality assurance
1. Base plate:Optimized specific Scalable Caterpillar Base Plate ;
2. Hydraulic Elements: Adopting products of Kawasaki’s and Harway’s as main parts.
3. Power head deceleration: BONFIGLIOLI deceleration machine
4. EPEC engineering mechanical specific controller

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