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Rotary Drilling Rig
 Changsha, Hunan

1.Max depth of pore forming can reach 70m.
2. CumminsQSL9 supercharged medium-cooled electronic Controlling Engine, together with Zoomlion-specific control system, makes engine work at lowest fuel consumption at every rotating speed range.
3. Optimum designed four hinged points luffing mechanism provide more reliable and safer operation.
4. Unique mast rotate plate mechanism provides smooth operation and longer service life
5、Reasonable windlass rope slot design improve service life of wire rope .
6. Unique Power Head stress lubricating circuit
7、Binuclear controllers speed up operating,and make electrical control system more reliable.
8. Zoomlion-patenting Drilling Depth Automatic Measurement, which is High- precision Sounding Device, provides real-time precision measurement.
9、10.4 inches Full-color touch screen with advanced man-machine interface can dynamic display engine load ,rotating speed and drill operating condition.
10、It can be equipped with drilling tools of different specifications and functions to meet Construction Requirements under different geologic conditions

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