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Rotary Drilling Rig
 Changsha, Hunan

1、Master Winch mounted on the lowest part of mast make observation of Rope running quite convenient.
2、Lincoln centralized lubricating system ,Main lubricating points auto regular maintenance.
3. CumminsQSL9 supercharged medium-cooled electronic Controlling Engine, together with Zoomlion-specific control system, makes engine work at lowest fuel consumption at every rotating speed range.
4、supercharged Hydraulic Oil Tank increase oil adsorbing pressure of hydraulic pump ,and enlarge the service life of hydraulic oil pump.
5. Load sensing and load-sensing hydraulic pressure system,which control precision does not varied with the changing of load.
6. Low-strike rotation startup; high precision; stable and reliable system
7. Optimum designed luffing mechanism provides more reliable and safer operation.
8.Three-section foldable mast with large arc bended formation by high strength steel ,bear features of high strength ,light and high rigidity。The unique mast rotate plate design can make working more smoothly and assure a long service life.
9. Locking Mechanism telescopic drill pipe with direct stress of 20ton,valid Drilling Depth of 56m, friction telescopic drill pipe with valid Drilling Depth of 70m.
10. Power head with heavy shock absorber can buffer striking force.
11. Smooth up-down speed of luffing mechanism and mast
12. The electrical control system is bus-mastering computer center control system
13. Secondary automatic idle speed system lead to automatic idle speed while not in working condition so as to energy saving and noise reduction.
15. Logic interlocking control prevent drivers from misoperating.
16. Zoomlion-patenting Drilling Depth Automatic Measurement
17. Auto-stop protection avoids damage on wire rope by excessive rope-lifting of the master Winch.
18. 10.4 inches Full-color touch screen with advanced man-machine interface can dynamic display elements operating condition.
19、It can be equipped with drilling tools of different specifications and functions to meet Construction Requirements under different geologic conditions, such as screw drilling tools, common drilling bucket, sand-collecting drilling bucket and drum type rock bit

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