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Rotary Drilling Rig
 Changsha, Hunan

1、Max depth of pore forming can reach 84m.
2、CumminsQSL9 supercharged medium-cooled electronic Controlling Engine, together with Zoomlion-specific control system, makes engine work at lowest fuel consumption at every rotating speed range.
3. Load sensing and load-sensing hydraulic pressure system,which control precision does not varied with the changing of load.
4. Low-strike rotation startup; high precision; stable and reliable system
5. Optimum designed luffing mechanism provides more reliable and safer operation.
6. The unique mast rotate plate design can make working more smoothly and assure a long service life.
7. Smooth up-down speed of luffing mechanism and mast
8. Binuclear controllers speed up operating,and make electrical control system more reliable.
9. New-generation Mast Vertical Degree Automatic Leveling System can auto- level the mast and overall Monitor the Up- down movement of the mast.
10. Zoomlion-patenting Drilling Depth Automatic Measurement
11. 10.4 inches Full-color touch screen with advanced man-machine interface
12. It can be equipped with drilling tools of different specifications and functions to meet Construction Requirements under different geologic conditions

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