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 Changsha, Hunan

We have made great breakthroughs in high efficiency and low energy consumption of the machine by the core patent technology composed of 2 sets of hydraulic cylinders participated successively in pressing pile and its matching hydraulic system building the sub-constant pile-pressing power system, On the other hand, multi pilling speed of the machine coping with various foundation soil condition remarkably lowers energy consumption when compared with competitors. Sunward pile driver greatly increases pilling speed and pilling pressure while having less power consumption. Maximum pilling speed reaches 5m/min and maximum pilling pressure up to 1200 tons. The main cabin  allows excellent visibility and maximizes the operator's field of view, enabling the operator to observe pilling position and pile connecting course.
Creatively use wedge energizing principle, execute multipoint and multiplayer clamping force around pile to produce a kind of force ling “an egg in a palm” which results in even pile stress distribution and, under same oil pressure, the machine produces bigger clamping force while reducing stress peak of the pile by 70% compared with traditional pile clamping device. This technology successively eliminates the risk of pile damage and makes pile clamping more reliable.

New type square & round pile clamping boxes, utilizing wedge block strength-increasing theory, with the pile clamping cylinder installed lengthways on the box exterior, improve the pile clamping reliability, and enable easier maintenance compared with the clamping cylinder transverse installed in the box interior.

New pattern of hydraulic footstep type travel mechanism is composed of two technical innovations of swing compensation and auto-reposition device, extensively increasing the reliability of components and maneuver ability of structure and is greatly labor saving. With its impact structure the machine is easy to be assembled and disassembled. Its biggest detached piece can be loaded on a 4OT trailer.
An impact pile driver was traditionally used for side pilling and corner pilling on pile foundation treatment at the site of city reconstruction, close to river side or other obstacles. Sunward ZYJ and ZYDJ pile driver innovatively have the clamping device for side and corner pilling installed in one end of machine so that structurally avoid using the same mechanism to treat with both side pilling and corner pilling in minimum area. On the other hand, transform the mechanism's dead weight to required dead load for pilling out of lever principle. Above mentioned remarkable technical innovations make the machine suitable for all conditions, greatly expanding its function and enabling the machine to independently complete all premoulded pile mission in a project.
As to the advanced torque limitation protection, the instrument will display different lengths, appropriate inclination angles, lifting weight and other parameters at real time. It can also tell the torque limitation weight with the lifted object in the current position. When the torque limitation weight is reached, it will give prewarning and warning to alarm operators, so that accident can be effectively avoided.

Visual and effective pile perpendicularity monitor system enables the operator to observe pile perpendicularity by rule and line to control pile pressing quality.
Clamping mechanism for ”H” steel pile built with special structure, special material and heat treatment technology, successfully solves the problem that steel pile is prone to slide from the clamping device

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