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XGMA XG822LC Hydraulic Excavator for sale
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I. Advanced ESS electronic control system makes the hydraulic system fully utilize the power of engine to improve the working efficiency save fuel. The machine can work in H (fast mode), S (economic mode) L (fine mode) to satisfy different working conditions.

II. Reliable efficient Kawasaki hydraulic system electronic control system.

·Kawasaki inverted flux hydraulic system is efficient, energy-saving of excellent performance reliable quality. It features stable operation complete functions can perform various composite operations so as to ensure high working efficiency.
·The hydraulic system is equipped with various safety devices to ensure the safety of operation.
(1)Swing motor travel motor are both equipped with wet brake to realize reliable safe stopping.
(2)The safety locking valves of boom bucket linkage are equipped to prevent the automatic dropping of boom bucket linkage.
(3)Swing motor is equipped with anti-reversion valve to prevent the reciprocating swing of the upper parts while the swing device is stopped.
(4)Pilot hydraulic system is equipped with block valve to prevent mis-operation.
·Multi-way valve is equipped with spare valve to provide convenience for the installation use of various attachments.
·Travel pilot valve with shock absorption function is equipped to ensure the stability of traveling.
5. Mature reliable Kawasaki second generation electronic control system (computer board) is equipped.

III. Powerful engine ensures high working efficiency.

·Isuzu 6HK1XQP engine of strong power (184kW) high reliability is equipped.
·Low oil consumption low emission (Phase II standard of USA, Japan Europe), low noise, easy for maintenance.
·Featuring automatic idle function.
·Adopting multi-functional monitor to monitor the engine rpm, coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, oil level, charging status, preheating indication so on.
·Adopting pre-filter Isuzu original high efficiency dual filtering element air filter to ensure the air inlet quality which is suitable for dusty operation environment.
·Isuzu original oil/water separator secondary oil filter to ensure the fuel quality prolong the engine service life.

IV. Reinforced arm, boom frame provide longer service life.

V. Comfortable operating environment.

·New punch-formed cab is beautiful graceful the visual field is broadened.
·The cab upholstery monitoring device are redesigned so that the space is larger.
·Silicon oil shock absorber is adopted to reduce the vibration of the cab improve the working comfort of the driver.
·New type air conditioner with optimized air outlet arrangement added fresh air function makes the working environment more comfortable.

VI. Adopt brand rollers tracks to ensure the service life of undercarriage.

VII. Convenient operation, maintenance repair.

·Elbow type pilot valve pedal type pilot valve of detachable joystick provide easy effective operation.
·Various press type function switches are all arranged on the combined monitor for easy operation.
·Combined monitor panel with Chinese display can show various monitoring alarm messages to remind the driver to maintain repair the machine in a timely manner, which is more ergonomic.


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